Giving your vehicle a wipe with a microfiber cloth before fitting the stickers will remove surface dust, but this does NOT mean that you have properly cleaned and prepped. Once the vehicle has been cleaned, professional fitters then recommend a cleaning process using 3 types of cleaning chemicals available from Hexis: 

1,2,3 Stage cleaners 

Wax-based and other car polishes will form a barrier that prevents the vinyl adhesive binding to the car. If the vinyl wont stick to the vehicle, its usually because it hasn’t been cleaned properly. Using a 70% isopropanol alcohol mix with water will clean, and remove waxes. We strongly recommend using a claybar, and throroughly clean any area before application of any larger graphics.


Novice fitters often have problems with air bubbles getting trapped under the vinyl, spoiling the look of the stickers. Please note this is not a reflection of the quality of the vinyl, it is a fitting problem. 


Most air bubbles will shrink and disappear after a short while – vinyl is slightly porous and air will slowly leak from the bubbles in the same way air leaks out of a balloon. 

All our products are made with AIR RELEASE printed vinyl or vinyl wrap, these need to be fitted DRY. 

This method can be used to apply stickers of any size or shape. 

Before you start… 

Prep, prep and more prep… Make sure your car is clean. It has to be spotlessly clean, with all wax removed (see link above for suitable cleaning chemicals). Good preparation is the most important part. Be careful attempting this job outdoors – a well timed gust of wind or stray flying insect can really spoil things. 

Take your time, don’t rush it! Pro fitters have a lot of experience and make it look easy. Don’t think you can work as fast as them and get the same results. Patience and common sense are also essential parts of the fitting process. We have marked all our products in level of difficulty on the lower part of the product page.


Removing the stickers is easy, just apply gentle heat to them and they will peel off in large chunks. The glue residue can be removed with methylated spirits, white spirit or any other solvent. A hair dryer or (carefully used) heat gun can also be used to heat up the old sticker